After 22 years of estabishment and depvelopment, 2015 is the year marked a remarkable change in the business model of the bank – from a commercial bank to become the Ocean Commercial One Member Limited Liability Bank.

OceanBank offers customers modern and effective multi-purpose financial/ banking products and services that are suitable to the economic needs and features of each region. In addition to traditional banking services, OceanBank also develops e-banking services, creating hi-tech and confidential products for corporate and individual customers. This shall be a firm step for OceanBank in striving to be on Top 5 leading banks in Vietnam with the number of customers who use e-banking services and transaction sales via e-banking accounting for the highest proportion in the future; applying the best technological solutions in finance and banking.

With the values given to customers, shareholders and the society, etc., OceanBank has won many titles, awards, merit certificates conferred by domestic and international organizations for excellent teams and individuals of the bank, i.e. Retail bank with the fastest growth rate of Vietnam in 2012 awarded by Global Banking & Finance Review Magazine; STP (Straight – Through – Processing) award for the bank with high payment conferred by Wells Fargo in 2012; Top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam (VNR500); Top 200 enterprises paying most CIT, etc.

Consistent in implementing the objectives, OceanBank shall continue striving to become the most creative, best management bank and considered by customers as the best “customer-oriented” bank in the sector by improving the quality of products/ services, strengthening cooperation with large domestic and foreign corporations, supporting enterprises; paying much attention to staff management, training and development; continuously applying and development IT to ensure the system operate in a stable and safe manner, etc.