OceanBank - Remittance to overseas students

Individual customers can easily and quickly transfer tuition fees, living expenses for international students, without having an account at Ocean Bank, with simplified procedures and preferential fee.

Products “Remittance to overseas students" is the latest service, issued by OceanBank to maximum support on transferring tuition fees, living expenses for study purposes, Companies which provide study abroad advisory and travel service for students; or relatives of students are authorized to perform the transfer. Products will deliver flexible solutions on transferring money in most effective way for OceanBank’s customers, response punctually financial demand and generate peace of mind, stability for students in learning, living abroad.

Customers who using this transfer service have not taken much time to prepare and complete the form. OceanBank committed a secure money transfer method and the most effective way with many other utilities like:

  - The fee incentives;

  - Simple procedure;

  - Transfer money quickly.

OceanBank launched this product in order to contribute the business orientation, committed to the utility and value added for customers.

For further detail please contact: Call Center 24/7: 1800 58 88 15 (F.O.C), website www.oceanbank.vn or OceanBank Branches / Transaction Offices nationwide.

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