Pay online, save time for others

With implementation of Easy Billing and Easy payment services, OceanBank has helped customers save time, effort in paying bills of electricity, water, telephone , online payment, ...

In order to provide our customers with the best service experience, OceanBank has continuously expanded its cooperation with online payment service providers and has expanded its Easy Billing service via Easy Internet Banking with 3 suppliers: Ben Thanh Water Supply Joint Stock Company, VNPT - Media Corporation, VETC Automated Charge Company Limited as follows:






Ben Thanh Water Supply Joint Stock Company

Water bill service



VNPT - Media Corporation

Include value-added services in the areas of television, communications and digital content services, value added and IT


VETC Automated Charge Company Limited

Allow customers to deposit money into the account when participating in VETC road toll service

See more suppliers accept to pay bills via Easy Internet Banking here

At the same time, customers can easily make payment online at e-commerce sites, which accepts payment by cards of OceanBank according to the following information:

- Guide to make online paymetn, see here

- A list of integrated online payment websites with OceanBank, see here

For more information, please contact Customer Service 24/7: 1800 58 88 15 (free of charge) or visit OceanBank's branches / transaction offices nationwide.

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