Notice: Safe transactions for a happy Tet!

Tet holiday is peak period of consumption and transactions through e-banking services are favored by our Customers due to convenience. To ensure the safety and security when you perform e-banking transactions during the Lunar New Year, OceanBank would like to inform and encourage you to refer to the following information to minimize risks when using e-banking services.

1. Common SCAMS

  • Faking as relatives to send messages via social networks, informing that there is money transferred from abroad or faking as customers who want to purchase goods from abroad and requiring e-banking  login information on  fake websites or requiring confidential information to receive money and exchange currency.

  • Faking as employees of service providers (momo, zalo e-wallet, ...), contacting customers who have questions when using the service and requesting e-banking login information to fix error.

  • Faking as an online lender who contacts customers that need a loan and requests to provide personal information and login information for e-banking services to complete the loan application..

  • Faking as police, investigating agencies to inform customers that he/she has related to a serious violation and ask to declare their assets and carry out procedures to transfer money to consider crime reduction or to serve the investigation.

  • Faking Bank's email, sending a fake website link of the Bank to the email of the customer asking customers to provide / enter personal information, card number, security number on the card (CCV / CVV)

  • Faking as Bank's staff to call/ text message / contact on social networks to require customers to provide confidential information and OTP code to receive money,promotions or bonus gifts

  • Faking information as customer's e-banking account is illegally compromised or expired and requires customers to provide personal information to confirm via malicious link

2. Safety for transactions on E-BANKING

  • Absolutely do not provide any e-banking service security information such as Username, Access Password, OTP verification code, PIN code, email address and personal information for anyone and in any circumstance.

  • Actively protect personal devices and regularly change passwords to access e-banking and personal email services.

  • Do not automatically save the e-banking login information. Logout / Exit the system after each access, close the online trading feature when not in use.

  • Only logging in to the official website of OceanBank Internet Banking at: https://ib.oceanbank.vn and purchasing, making online transactions on reputable and reliable websites.

  • Authenticate the person who requests you to perform financial transactions to avoid faking identity of your relatives / acquaintances.

In case of detecting any change or any request to provide security information of e-banking service or an abnormal transactions, please contact OceanBank HOTLINE immediately: 1800 58 88 15 (free) to get support.

We wish you a safe and sound coming Lunar New Year!

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