OceanBank held Wrap-up Meeting 2019

On January 19th , Ocean Commercial One Member Limited Liability Bank (OceanBank) held Wrap – up Meeting 2019. Attended the meeting were Mr. Doan Thai Son -  Deputy Governor of the state bank of VietNam (SBV), Mr. Bui Huy Tho - Deputy Director of License for Credit Institutions and Banking Activities, Mr.Nguyen Dinh Vinh - Deputy General Director of  Vietnam Joint stock commercial bank for industry and trade (VietinBank), Mr. Do Thanh Son - Party Secretary, Chairman of OceanBank and all members Council Member, Supervisor Board , Management Board and Staff of OceanBank

Spoke at the opening of the Conference, Mr. Do Thanh Son - Party Secretary, Chairman of OceanBank appreciated the efforts of the entire OceanBank system in 2018, although the business conditions of  bank system generally faced many disadvantages. Mr. Chairman also affirmed that in 2018, Ocean Bank basically completed the assignment that the State Bank had delegated. The Restructuring project was basically completed, all OceanBank staffs will continue to strive and devote for the new stage of OceanBank in the future.

Mr. Ngo Anh Tuan – Deputy Secretary, OceanBank CEO summarized the results of bussiness activities in 2018. According ly, the total mobilized capital in 2018 increased by nearly 4% compared to the beginning of the year, the balance of deposits for Retail Customers increased by 6% compared to the beginning of the year, completing 101% of the planned target.

In 2018, OceanBank  has developed new Mobile Banking service with outstanding features, focused on developing Retail Banking services, retrieved many problem debts, some bad debts are in progress, expected to be retrieved in 2019.

In 2018, OceanBank continued to strengthen the human resources, focused on educating and training qualification for employees, Risk management was performed very strictly, bank vault system was periodically checked, database system was built scientifically. In 2018, OceanBank successfully hosted the Art Festival,the Beauty Contest. Social security program was carried out enthusiastically through out Love Connection Program in Ta Xi Lang, Yen Bai Province, Blood donation Day of OceanBank youths, the campaign to support employees who struggle with difficulties.

In 2019, CEO required Retail Banking to focus on developing products suitable for customer, re-build and expand relations with domestic and foreign financial institutions, continue to focus on retrieving debs..

Mr. Doan Thai Son - Deputy Governor of SBV acknowledged the stability and safety in business activities of Ocean Bank. Deputy Governor affirmed that 2018 is the key year of OceanBank when restructuring project was completed in terms of policy and had been submitted to the Government. In 2019 , Deputy Governor requested OceanBank to focus on managing business activities safely, continue to co-operate with related unit to complete the restructuring plan and prepare to put the project into operation.

In 2019, Mr. Do Thanh Son - Party Secretary, Chairman of OceanBank commanded every leader of units inform their staffs, ensure the safety of bank vault, exchange, ATM booth at the and of the year, focus on 5 priority areas, focus on developing Digital Banking, especially small and medium enterprises and FDI enterprises. 

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