Notice of handling of savings deposits is not eligible to extend the deposit term according to Circular 48

Based on Circular 48 & 49/2018 / TT-NHNN, Ocean Commercial One Member Limited Liability Bank would like to inform customer about changing some points related to savings deposit as follows:

1. As of July 5, 2019, OceanBank does not accept savings deposit of individual foreign customers.

2. The savings deposits of individual foreign customers opened before July 5, 2019 shall be implemented as follows:

- Continue to follow the agreement from the deposit start date until the end of the deposit term.

- In case, on the due date of the savings deposit, customers do not go to the bank to carry out the procedure to convert into a suitable deposit, the savings account of the Customer will be handled as follows:

+ For savings deposits opened at transaction points: Customer's savings deposit will not continue to receive interest from the end of the deposit term. It is recommended that the Customer quickly find our nearest Branch / Transaction Office to proceed with transition procedures to the suitable deposit to ensure the benefits.

+ For deposit saving done through Easy Internet Banking and Easy Mobile Banking, on the due date Ocean Bank will automatically transfer the principal and interest (if any) of the saving deposit into a payment account that customers used to deposit.

3. Circular 48 & 49/2018 / TT-NHNN will take effect from July 5, 2019.

4. Please contact the nearest Branch / Transaction Office for timely advice and support.


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