The Ministry of Health recommends classification and isolation guidelines to avoid the spread of Covid -19

Ocean Commercial One Member Limited Liability Bank (OceanBank) would like to   provide our customers with  guideline for  classifications and self-isolation for nCoV related cases as recommended by the Ministry of Health to ensure safety for yourself and  surrounding people.

At the present time of the Corona epidemic, every family, every individual needs to actively raise awareness about the disease. Therefore, it is necessary to determine your classification as: 

+ F0:Identified infected patients - Treatment at the hospital. 

+ F1: Suspected people who have been in close/directed contact with patients (F0) - immediately wear a medical mask and notify the medical staff for isolation at the health care centre. 

+ F2: People who are exposed to F1 - immediately wearing a mask  and notify the health care provider for self- isolation. Do not leave home before the full 14 days.

 + F3: People who are exposed to F2, immediately wearing a mask and notify the health care provider to guide isolation.

+ F4, 5: The person exposed to F3 is F4, the person exposed to F4 is F5, self-monitoring health. When abnormal manifestations occur, immediately self-isolation at home and notify the health care provider. 

+ If you do not know what type of F you are, please self-isolated when you have signs of cough, fever or unwell to protect yourself and those around you.

With the tested cases, if it is negative, please continue to isolate until after 14 days. At the same time, always update the health status of other Fs to change classification and timely management.

For cases of self-isolation, monitoring at home and place of residence, attention should be paid to ensure safety for themselves and those around them to prevent and repel the epidemic.

Ocean Bank has issued a written recommendation to all employees to wear masks during working, especially when communicate with customers, to ensure safety for customers coming to the bank. At the same time, OceanBank recommends that customers should take the initiative in implementing preventive measures to fight the disease with the Bank.


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