Amortized savings- Love for children


Concerning about youre children's future plans? Having no ideas if you can accumualate enough money to send your children abroad to sudy, to cover your children's college costs… "Love for children" products will help remove these concerns.


•  Owners of savings book: Children of below 15 years

•  Accumulating for children that is appropriate for parents' accumulating abilities

•  Enjoying Ocenbank's incentives in each period


•  Ownners of savings account: Children of below 15 years old

•  Customers: Parents of savings account owners (Vietnamese and foreign individuals of 18 years old and above, being fully capable of civil acts in accordance with the law, legally living and working in Vietnam.)

•  Type of currency VND

•  Initial deposit amount minimum: 100.000 VND

•  Minimum amount of the following deposits: 200.000 VND

•  Terms: from 01 to 05- year

•  Deposting term: 01-month

•  Term-end interest payment when savings book is paid.

Procedure &

•  Customers present valid Indentity Card/ Passport

•  Documents as proof of legal representatives: Birth certificates of owners of savings accounts, household registration book or certificate of the local government about representative status of Customesr.


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