Overdraft loan with guaranteed assets


This product is offered to customers who wish to spend more than the amount on their payment accounts.


•  Be entitled to utilities on domestic debit cards

•  High overdraft limit

•  Flexible disbursement and repayment via payment account or in cash

•  Simple and quick procedures

•  Free-of-charge on opening a payment account and registration of Easy Online


Objects: Customers who has sufficient finance and income demand for consumer loans

•  Permanent residence/ KT3 is at the area where OceanBank is located.

•  Customers have guaranteed assets for overdraft limit and have their funds guaranteed by the third party at OceanBank with legal assets as accepted by OceanBank

Overdraft limit:

up to 95% value of valuable papers/ savings book in VND

up to 70% value of valuable papers/ savings book in a foreign currency

up to 6-month income of customers, not exceeding VND 300 million if the guaranteed assets are other assets

Term of overdraft limit: up to 12 months

Preferential interest rates and fees

Procedure &

•  Application for overdraft loan with guaranteed assets (form of OceanBank)

•  Registration for use of personal services (in case customers has no payment account)

•  Valid Identity Card/ Passport of the borrower and his/her spouse (if any)

•  Family Register, KT3

•  Marriage Certificate/ Confirmation of celibacy

•  Documents evidencing the ownership, use right on guaranteed assets of the customers or the third party guaranteeing for customers

•  Documents evidencing funds for repayment of customers.


For more detail information about the product, please contact us at :

Branches/Transaction Offices

Call Center: 1800 58 88 15