domestic debit card


Domestic debit card is issued based on customers’ personal accounts opened at OceanBank, which are used to perform transactions on their accounts at ATMs or make payment to POS in Vietnam.


•  Free from withdrawing money in internal and external network of OJB and ATMs of Banknetvn, Smartlink and VNBC (see details here)

•  Registering to open a billionaire card to receive unlimited utilities at OceanBank

•  Using salary payment service through card account safely and effectively

•  Transferring money to another account in OceanBank system

•  Making payment for goods and services at POS of OceanBank and of affiliated banks (see details here)

•  Sending and receiving money from their accounts at any branches, transaction offices of OceanBank

•  Card balance shall enjoy non-term interest rate

•  Checking account information

•  Printing statement of 5 latest transactions

•  Being entitled to issue at most 2 supplementary cards

•  Overdraft utility with limit of 12 months

•  Interest rate: in accordance with interest rates of OceanBank from time to time

•  Enjoying preferences, discounts at the chains of restaurants, hotels, spas, resorts associated with OceanBank

•  Using “smart account” – connecting saving account with card account.

Joining preferential overdraft programs of OceanBank from time to time


Card class

      Standard class

Integrated with many value-added services associated of the card’s utilities such as free withdrawal of money from internal and external network nationwide at ATMs with logos of Smart link, Banknet, VNBC, etc adding money, paying for invoices through electronic channels: Easy Online Banking, Easy Mobile Banking, etc. Standard Card of OceanBank is suitable for active pupils, students who love studying technology.

      Silver class

Including the utilities of the Standard Class, Silver card increases the limit of cash withdrawn at ATMs and combined with many preferential programs such as gift-giving, special discount when purchasing goods and services at supermarkets, restaurants in each period of OceanBank. Silver card is suitable to office staffs that prefer the convenience in shopping and manage their money easily.

      Gold class

Including the preferential utilities of Silver card, limit on amount of money withdrawn at ATMs, POS is increased. The card also combines with many preferences, discounts when shopping goods and services at the chain of restaurants, hotels, famous motels.  The gold card will be always your ideal companion.

      Vip class

It is no longer a normal card, OceanBank VIP card is like a mobile bank with many preferences and advanced utilities. Your rank will be confirmed with OceanBank VIP.

 Conditions for issuance registration

      Registration procedures

Customers only need to bring their ID Cards or Passports to any transaction points of OceanBank nationwide. Fill personal information into the account-opening application form (in case of no account) and form of card-issuance registration.

Customers can download the forms here.

Procedure &

Participate in Lady money program: overdraft of deposit account

•   The program lasts from 8 Mar. 2013 to 31 Dec. 2013

•  Customers can be over-drafted right on their payment accounts and domestic debit card can overdraft as a credit card without any guaranteed assets.

Simple and convenient procedures 


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