OP PLUS card


OPlus is a pre-paid card issued by OceanBank, combining full functions of debit and pre-paid cards to perform transactions on ATMs and card-touching transactions on POS contactless.


•  Functions of prepaid and debit cards are combined in this card.

•  Using utilities of both prepaid and debit cards

•  Transfer from a debit card to a prepaid card for spending

•  The Card allows its holder to perform transactions within the amount added to the card corresponding to the amount prepaid to OceanBank by the cardholder.

•  The card use CHIP technology that ensures high security.

•  Easy and convenient to use, just touch the card to perform the transactions without entering PIN code.

•  Performing various transactions on POS: identifying card, activating and adding money, inquiring balance, purchasing petroleum, adding money, inquiring bonus points, exchanging bonus points, printing statement of latest transactions, transfer, etc.

 Wide range of use: at all card-accepting points, gas stations with OceanBank’s logo nationwide; OP PLUS can be transacted on nearly 7,000 ATMs nationwide.

Diversified money-adding methods: adding cash or transfer from debit card or prepaid card


Card class

OP card has classes corresponding to the domestic debit card: Standard class, silver class, gold class and VIP class in correspondence with different features that meet the demand of each customer.

Conditions for issuance registration

Customers only need to bring their ID Cards or Passports to any transaction points of OceanBank nationwide. Fill personal information into the account-opening application form (in case of no account) and form of card-issuance registration.

Procedure &


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