super-fast card


A service that OceanBank offers a domestic debit card to customers right after the customers fill out and submit complete documents for opening a payment account and a card at OceanBank. Customers can enjoy services of domestic debit card right upon completing procedures for opening a payment account and a card at OceanBank.


•  Objects:Individual and corporate customers 

 Free from withdrawing money in internal and external network of OJB and ATMs of Banknetvn, Smartlink and VNBC (see details here)

•  Registering to open a billionaire card to enjoy unlimited utilities at OceanBank

 Free from withdrawing money at internal and external ATMs nationwide and POS with the logos of Smartlink, Banknet and VNBC.

•  Using salary payment service through card account safely and effectively

•  Transferring money to another account in OceanBank system

•  Making payment for goods and services at POS of OceanBank and of affiliated banks (see details here)

•  Sending and receiving money from their accounts at any branches, transaction offices of OceanBank

•  Card balance shall enjoy non-term interest rate.

•  Checking account information.

•  Printing statement of 5 latest transactions.

•  Being entitled to issue at most 2 supplementary cards

•  Overdraft utility with limit of 12 months

•  Interest rate: in accordance with interest rates of OceanBank from time to time.

•  Enjoying preferences, discounts at the chains of restaurants, hotels, spas, resorts associated with OceanBank

•  Using “smart account” – connecting saving account with card account

Joining preferential overdraft programs of OceanBank from time to time


Standard class card

Super-fast card is issued to immediately meet the card using needs of customers. Integrated with many value-added services associated of the card’s utilities such as free withdrawal of money from internal and external network nationwide at ATMs with logos of Smart link, Banknet, VNBC, etc.; adding money, paying for invoices through electronic channels: Easy Online Banking, Easy Mobile Banking, etc. Super-fast Card of OceanBank meets the urgent needs of customers when performing transactions with the Bank.

1.       Transaction limit

Number of transaction


Maximum withdrawal amount/ 1 time

VND 2,000,000

Minimum withdrawal amount/ 1 time

VND 10,000

Maximum withdrawal amount/ 1 day

VND 10,000,000

Number of transactions/ 1 day

5 times

The fee is similar to that of standard-class domestic debit card and shall be changed by OceanBank from time to time.

Procedure &

Procedures for card issuance registration

•  Customers only need to bring their ID Cards or Passports to any transaction points of OceanBank nationwide.

•  Tellers and experts of OceanBank shall instruct customers to implement procedures for card issuance in the quickest manner.

•  Customer care services 24/7 (24 hours and 7 days per week)

•  Customers can download forms of card services here.

In case of any inquiries during the card using, please contact:

•  All transaction offices of OceanBank nationwide;

•  Card centers of OceanBank;

•  Call-Center: 1800 5888 15



For more detail information about the product, please contact us at :

Branches/Transaction Offices

Call Center: 1800 58 88 15

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