HR Policy

Ocean Commercial Joint Stock Bank (OceanBank) has been established and operated since 1993. In 2007, the Bank has transformed into a commercial joint stock bank. OceanBank has become a strong and prestigious brand in the financial and monetary markets so far. In the world integration trend, OceanBank always considers human resources as the core element and valuable asset. Therefore, HR policy of OceanBank has been established for the purpose of making human resources a special advantage, which plays a decisive role to successfully implement the strategic objectives.

OceanBank’s recruitment principle is selecting the best candidates for the appropriate positions based on their qualification, ability, attitude, and experience, irrespective of their beliefs, religion or gender. OceanBank aims to create a professional and equal working environment so that each individual can devote their best capacity and talent.

HR training and development is the top priority of OceanBank in order to build and develop staff who are expertise, master business ethics and professional in working and serving customers.

Salary and bonus for OceanBank’s employees are based on the business results and service quality of each employee in performing his/ her assigned tasks. Each year, an employee is entitled to a minimum of salary for 13 months, allowances by regime such as responsibility allowance, harmful allowance, cash risk allowance, professional allowance. In addition, an employee can enjoy extra salary based on his/ her ability to complete the tasks; bonus for typical units, individuals of the year, bonus for good initiatives; and bonus in national holidays and on the celebration of OceanBank’s anniversary, etc. An official employee of OceanBank is entitled to full benefits in accordance with the regulations of the Bank and prevailing laws.