Domestic money transfer service for Enterprises


Domestic money transfer is a money remittance service subject to customers’ request by depositing in cash or extracting from an account to transfer to beneficiaries at OceanBank or beneficiaries under other domestic banks of OceanBank system.


•  Simple procedures, quick processing time;

•  An account can be transacted anywhere;

•  Transfer VND, foreign currencies, implement account transactions anywhere, at any time via the Easy Corporate Banking.


Customers can deposit in cash or extract from their accounts at OceanBank to transfer money;

The money is transferred quickly;

Transferring money inside OceanBank system: the receiver can receive money after 5 minutes maximum at any transaction points of OceanBank;

Transferring money outside OceanBank:

•  Customers complete all procedures before 3.15pm: OceanBank will process the orders within the banking day.

•  Customers complete all procedures after 3.15pm: OceanBank will process the orders on the next banking day or subject to regulations on service fee schedule as issued by OceanBank from time to time.

Transferring money via e-banking Easy Corporate Banking without going to the bank.

Procedure &

Customers fill out the necessary information in the money transfer form of OceanBank:

•  Transferring in cash: Payment note, Remittance advice

•  Transferring by bank transfer: Payment order, Transferable cheque

•  Checking transfer order: Form of Request for Checking/ Modification/ Cancellation of transfer order (form of OceanBank)


For more detail information about the product, please contact us at :

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Call Center: 1800 58 88 15