Inward remittance service for Enterprises


Inward remittance is performed subject to transfer orders that OceanBank receives from the transfer channels through the State Bank or other credit institutions to pay to the beneficiaries of OceanBank.


•  Processing online quickly and accurately;

•  Receiving money at any transaction points of OceanBank;

•  Not charging Credit note.


•  Customers, with or without their own accounts at OceanBank, can receive money transferred from any banks in the territory of Vietnam;

•  When transferring money via OceanBank, the beneficiaries can receive money at any of its branches in the territory of Vietnam;

•  With modern technology, wire transfer to OceanBank can be processed online, quickly and accurately;

•  Customers will not be charged for Credit note and can receive money timely and quickly when OceanBank gets incoming money from its payment channels within the banking day.

Procedure &

To receive money quickly, customers should ask the depositors to provide the transferring bank with clear, exact information about the beneficiaries:

•  Full name of the beneficiaries;

•  Account number or number of ID Card/ Passport – date/ place of issue of the beneficiaries (in case those have no account at OceanBank);

•  Bank(s) of the beneficiaries: name, address of OceanBank units


For more detail information about the product, please contact us at :

Branches/Transaction Offices

Call Center: 1800 58 88 15