Domestic cheque payment


The payment service is provided by OceanBank for its Cheque drawn by customers.


•  Safe, quick and accurate;

•  Absolutely confidential;

•  Provided tracking services of lost, stolen cheque, etc.


Object: Organizations.

Transaction currency: VND or foreign currencies listed by OceanBank. In case of issuing or paying Cheque in foreign currency, follow provisions of the law on foreign exchange management.

Terms of service:

•  Customers open demand deposit accounts at OceanBank.

•  Customers are not prohibited to use cheque or not be suspended to pay cheque.

•  The demand deposit accounts must be sufficient to pay cheque.

Fees: Customers shall pay fees to OceanBank according to the current fee schedule.

Places for implementing services: any transaction points of OceanBank system.


Enterprises who have payment demand for goods and services or other payment demand in cheque.

Procedure &

•  Customers fill out the information as required on Cheque (provided by OceanBank).

•  Or enclose with other documents required by OceanBank in compliance with the laws on foreign exchange management (in case of payment in foreign currencies). 


For more detail information about the product, please contact us at :

Branches/Transaction Offices

Call Center: 1800 58 88 15