Time deposits received from Organizations at OceanBank


Time deposit contract is a safe and efficient solution for enterprises that have demands for definite deposits. With the low minimum deposit, enterprises using this service can take advantage of idle money in an effective and safe manner.


•  Numerous terms and attractive interest rates for to choose from.

•  Simple procedure and quick settlement time.

•  Guaranteed to have loans and guarantee for the third party to have loans at OceanBank


•  Subject: Customers are organizations that are legally established and operate in accordance with Vietnamese law, having time deposits through contracts.

•  Deposit term: Overnight/weekly/monthly/optional term for customers at OceanBank makes active agreements on deposit terms. 

•  Currency: VND and foreign currencies listed by OceanBank.

•  The minimum deposit amount: VND: VND50,000,000/ USD: USD50,000 (or equivalent translated amounts of other foreign currencies listed on the mobilization interest rate table of OceanBank)

•  Attractive interest rate in correlation with the deposit term.

•  Interest payment method: interest paid at the beginning of the period/on periodical basis/at the end of the period.

Procedure &

•  Account opening registration paper (under form of OceanBank).

•  Legal dossier of customers.

•  Other concerned documents as required.


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