Negotiation with recourse of export vouchers


As financial services of OceanBank, OceanBank makes supports after goods delivered to enterprises through negotiation with recourse of export vouchers enclosed with Bill of exchange of customers.


•  Supplementing working capital to enterprises on a timely basis

•  High discount amount

•  Competitive interest rate


•  Purpose: supplement insufficient working capital;

•  Applicable subject: Customers are enterprises who have demands for negotiation with recourse of export vouchers at OceanBank;

•  Term: as negotiated;

•  Currency: USD;

•  The maximum amount: up to 95% of recourse value of export vouchers;

•  Method: with recourse;

•  Bill of exchange and vouchers are appraised and quickly decided by experienced staff at OceanBank.

•  Enterprises are entitled to preferential credit programs for exporters of OceanBank from time to time. 

Procedure &

•  Legal dossier of enterprises

•  Financial dossier;

•  Loan application dossier, payment vouchers;

•  Guaranteed asset dossier.


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