Currency Swap



•  Balancing liquidity of the enterprises’ currencies by selling currency A in temporary idle to take currency B for immediate use.

•  Hedging exchange rate fluctuations of currencies A, B in the future.


A transaction that meet the liquidity demand for deficit currency with pledge of surplus currency through trading mechanism of two currencies at different effective date.

When using this transaction, the enterprises can purchase foreign currency spot or forward and sell such foreign currency to OceanBank on effective payment date and vice versa in order to hedge exchange rate fluctuation and liquidity for business capital for the enterprises.

•  The enterprises can still maintain the foreign currencies upon maturity.

•  Documents evidencing purpose of purchasing foreign currencies are not needed.

Enterprises operate legally in the territory of Vietnam.

Procedure &

•  Duration: minimum of 3 days, maximum of 365 days.

•  Low deposit rate from 0% to 10% of the contract value.


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