Loan for valuable paper mortgage issued by other organizations


Credit product of OceanBank for enterprises owning valuable papers, namely: Promissory notes, bonds, treasury bills, government bonds, savings book, deposit certificates issued by organizations is provided to those who wish to mortgage valuable papers for loans at OceanBank when they are still immature.


•  High loan amount

•  Low interest rate and transaction fee

•  Simple procedures


•  Lending currency: Vietnam dong (VND) and United States dollar (USD).

•  Lending term: up to the mature time of valuable papers, but not exceeding 12 months. For specific cases, the lending term is determined based on loan purposes, type and nature of valuable papers. 

•  Lending interest rate: in accordance with lending interest rate policy of OceanBank from time to time.

•  Lending amount: up to 90% of total valuable paper value

•  Lending method: as per time or credit limit.

•  Debt payment method: interest paid on a monthly basis based on actual outstanding debt, principal paid on a monthly, quarterly basis or at loan closing time.

Procedure &

•  Legal dossier of enterprises

•  Financial dossier

•  Loan application dossier

•  Valuable paper dossier


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Branches/Transaction Offices

Call Center: 1800 58 88 15