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Easy Mobile Banking is a convenient and modern service that OceanBank offers to customers so that they can perform transactions with the Bank anytime, anywhere via SMS. Customers use the service in one of two forms:

• Send SMS Syntaxes to the operator (SMS syntaxes for services)

• Use applications on mobile phones without remembering the syntaxes (Application download guide


Free from service registration 

Free for almost all transactions

Managing funds anytime and anywhere

Simple, convenient

Fast, accurate

Safe, confidential

Saving time and costs

Performing transactions with the Bank 24 hours/ 7 days

Taking best advantage of the preferences offered by the providers

Customers may perform transactions in one of two ways (composing SMS message or using applications)

Sending notifications automatically: 

•  Notification on account balance changes

•  Notification on promotions of the Bank (and of providers)

New functions are continuously added 

Enjoy promotions of OceanBank from time to time

New functions are continuously added 


Objects: Individual & corporate customers

Service packages

EASY STANDARD includes the following functions:

Easy Account: Account information

•  Inquiring balance and statement of transactions

•  Automatically receiving notification on account balance changes

EASY ADVANCE (only applicable to individual customers) includes the following functions:

Easy Transfer: Internal transfer service to the beneficiary using an account number and mobile phone number.

Easy Saving: E-saving

•  Opening an e-saving book

•  Withdrawing & closing e-saving books

•  Inquiring information from e-saving

Easy Billing: Billing (Providers accept billing)

•  Mobile phone, post-paid telephone

•  Home phone, ADSL, Leased Line 

•  Electric bill

Easy Topup: Adding e-moneyinto service accounts (list of service providers)

•  Adding money to prepaid mobile phone account

•  Adding money to OP plus petroleum card

Procedure &

To register Easy Mobile Banking of OceanBank, customers only need to open accounts at OceanBank and their mobile phone numbers are still in use.

•  Register at the nearest transaction point (Registration form of EOB for individual customers | Registration form of EOB for individual customers).

•  Form of service support request (Form of service support request of EOB for individual customers | Form of service support request of EOB for corporate customers)


For more detail information about the product, please contact us at :

Branches/Transaction Offices

Call Center: 1800 58 88 15