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Easy Corporate Banking is an outstanding service launched by modern, safe, confidential technology that OceanBank offers to corporate customers. This is an e-banking that helps an enterprise to perform transactions with OceanBank via computers at the enterprise’s head office through an internet connection without coming to the Bank.


•  Free from service registration

•  Free from annual fees

•  Free for almost all transactions

•  Free from opening accounts and applying for cards for employees

•  Free from performing transactions for employees at ATM of OceanBank and banks in the alliance of Banknet, Smart link and VNBC

•  Enterprises, organizations that register to pay salary to employees at Ocean Bank will enjoy preferential discounts based on the amount and number of employees registered.

•  High efficiency, saving costs and time to pay salary to employees

•  No need to perform transactions at the Bank in person

•  Confidential, safe and modern

•  Paying salary according to the attachment

•  Receive immediate online electronic report on Easy Corporate Banking regarding transactions arisen on deposit accounts

•  New functions are continuously added

•  Limit for a transaction: Unlimited 


Service packages

Objects: Corporate customers 


•  Inquiring balance and statement of transactions

•  Printing subsidiary ledger

•  Printing subsidiary ledger of loan accounts

•  Inquiring information on loan accounts


•  Permitting customers to make payment for payment orders

•  International money transfer

•  Paying salary to employees inside and outside the Bank

•  Supporting online connection into data system (accounting software, ERP) of enterprises

•  Online credit note

•  Other features are added periodically

Procedure &

•  To register Easy Corpoate Banking of OceanBank, customers only need to open accounts at OceanBank.

•  Register at the nearest transaction point (Registration form of EOB for corporate customers)

•  Form of service support request (Form of service support request of EOB for corporate customers)


For more detail information about the product, please contact us at :

Branches/Transaction Offices

Call Center: 1800 58 88 15