OceanBank increased interest rates at the highest level 7.4%/year

From June 15, 2015, OceanBank raised the interest rates of capital mobilization in VND, from 0.1% to 0.3%.

According to the new interest rate, the 1-month term has interest rate of 5.1%/year. The 2-months to 4-months is 5.2%/year. The term 6 to 7-months has interest rate of 6.2%/year, the term 8-months is 6.5%/year. From 9 to 11-months, interest rates is 7.00%/year. The interest rate is 7.2%/year for term from 12 to 18-months. In addition, customers has saving account, “Love for children”savings, and Accumulate savings withlong term from 36 months, are given the highest interest rate at 7.4%/year.

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