OceanBank New Product “Started Trust”

From September 2017, OceanBank lauched a new product “Started Trust” for corporate customer, with the limit of 10 billion per customer.

With this credit product, corporate customers are trading at other credit organization wishing to receive short-term credit at OceanBank, will be reduced to a maximum of 0.7% per year compared with the interest rate customers pay at other credit organization, with the preferential interest rate of 5.5% / year, Preferential period of 6 months from the first disbursement date.

The procedure of granting credit is simple, quick, shortened about ½ time compared with the time of granting regular credit.

Enterprises interested in OceanBank products and services can contact the nearest OceanBank transaction offices or call the Call Center 1800 58 88 15 for a free consultation.

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