Happy Tet, win lucky gold with OceanBank!

Happy lunar new year, Ocean Commercial Limited Liability One-member Bank greatly launch the incentive program “Happy Tet, lucky gold!” for customers who open saving books between Jun 26th and April 25th, 2018.

Accordingly, during the program, for every 10 millions saved customers will get:

-  LUCKY TICKET to be scratched online at http://lucky.oceanbank.vn winning thousands of prizes worth up to 1 tenth of a tael SJC

-  LUCKY GOLD drawn at the end of the program

“Happy Tet, Lucky Gold” is a wish of a prosperous and contented new year that OceanBank would like to send to our precious Customers.

Chương trình ưu đãi “Xuân an khang - Rước lộc vàng” là lời chúc năm mới thịnh vượng, vạn sự như ý OceanBank kính gửi tới Quý Khách trong dịp đầu xuân. Your satisfaction and trust are motivation for us to constantly strive for improvement in financial products and services and to maximize benefits for customers.

For further details, kindly contact our Customer Services hotline 24/7: 1800 58 88 15 (toll-free) or our nationwide Branches/Transaction Offices.


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