Connect your OceanBank card / account to MoMo Wallet, enjoy special offers

To give customers experience of modern payment services with many special offers, OceanBank continued to connect with MoMo wallet with incentives of up to 500,000 VND.


After connecting your OceanBank card / account with MoMo Wallet, you can transfer, receive money via mobile phone, shop online, make cashless payments at tens of thousands of stores, supermarkets, easily handle all kinds of living bills with utilities reminding you to pay monthly bills.

Especially, customers who first connect an account with MoMo wallet will also receive instant gift packages up to VND 500,000 and more valuable gifts when referring friends to use MoMo wallet and connect cards / accounts at OceanBank. As follows:

- Receive VND 500,000 gift package when you enter HELLOMOMO code for the first time making a bank connection (from now until July 31, 2019, or empty of preferential codes)

- Receive random gift packages from VND 100,000 to VND 300,000 for new customers even if you do not enter the promotion code when connecting your wallet to OceanBank cards / accounts

- Receive an additional 100,000 VND gift card for all services on the MoMo app when referring your friends to connect your OceanBank account to MoMo Wallet successfully.

Note: Conditions for connecting OceanBank cards / accounts to MoMo e-wallet:

- Owner of OceanBank account / card has registered SMS Banking / Internet Banking / Easy OceanBank Mobile

- The phone number to register for MoMo Wallet should be the same as the phone number used by customers to register Internet Banking / SMS Banking / Mobile Banking services at OceanBank.

For further information, please contact Customer Care 24/7: 1800 58 88 15 (free call) or visit OceanBank's branches / transaction offices nationwide.

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