Credit for small and very small businesses

With the aim to support Small and Very small businesses having autonomy working capital flow, expanding and improving business performance, OceanBank commits to working capital financing for business customers through a credit package with 100% of the loan value secured by assets.

• Product Utility:

- Competitive interest rates;

- Flexible repayment method;

- Fast and Simple procedures;

- Applies to both newly established businesses.

• Product characteristics:

Loan purpose:

- Payment of operating costs, general management costs such as salaries for staff, stationery tools, tools, office rent, office water and electricity, advertising.

- Pay direct business expenses such as purchasing costs, costs of purchasing raw materials, costs of renting machines;

- In case customer borrows a loan at OceanBank to pay a loan before the maturity date of a loan from another credit institution, the following conditions are fully satisfied:

• The loan for business activities;
• Loan term does not exceed the remaining term of the credit contract / loan contract signed by the customer with that credit institution;
• The loan has not restructured the repayment term.

Loan term: up to 12 months

Loan currency: VND

Loan limit:

Type of business

Maximum loan amount

Small businesses

05 billion / customer

Very small businesses

03 billion / customer


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