Higher credit rating, lower interest rate

In order to enhance and support accessibility to capital fund for Import and export corporate customers, OceanBank continues to launch the preferential interest rate package with commitment "OceanBank accompanies import-export corporate customers".

The loan package of 12 million USD is now available for preferential interest rates as follows(*):


Corporate’scredit rating

Minimum preferential interest rate


credit rating AAA/Platinum



credit rating AA/Gold

2,7%/ year


credit rating /Titanium, Silver

2,8%/ year

-      Features:

+ Loan currency: USD

+ Preferential rate period per debt receipt: 3 months from the date of disbursement

+ Program application period: Until December 31, 2021 or until OceanBank's announcement 

 (*)T&Cs according to regulations of OceanBank

With the preferential interest rate package "OceanBank accompanies import-export corporate customers", OceanBank hopes that import and export enterprise may have access to cheap capital fund for sustaining business and overcoming current difficult period.

For futher program details, kindly contact OceanBank hotline: 1800 58 88 15 (toll - free) or visit the nearest branch / transaction office

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