Saving with high interest and more incentives when depositing money at OceanBank

With the desire to welcome new customers and express gratitude to customers who have trusted and chosen to save at Ocean Commercial One Member Limited Liability Bank - OceanBank in the past time, OceanBank has implemented many attractive interest rate incentive programs guide.

Accordingly, for customers aged 40 and over, when saving money at OceanBank will receive preferential interest rates as follows:


From age of 40 – below 60

From age of above 60

< 1 billion VND



1 billion VND – < 5 billion VND



≥ 5 billion VND



 Especially, for loyal customers and customers with large savings deposit balances will be applied preferential interest rates of up to 7.2%/year for deposits of 2 billion VND or more.

In addition, when saving at OceanBank, customers also receive many other incentives and benefits such as:

- Flexible method of receiving interest; various maturities;

- Pledge a saving card to borrow a loan with a preferential interest rate;

- Managing saving accounts anytime, anywhere easily via e-banking channel.

Saving is a safe profitable investment channel, the first choice for you and your family. To ensure a stable and sustainable future, please deposit your savings at OceanBank today to receive preferential interest rates and many other attractive incentives.

For detailed information, please contact Customer Service 24/7: 1800 58 88 15 (free calls) or visit OceanBank branches/transaction offices nationwide.

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