Preventing scam and bank fraud

Recently, there have continued to be many forms of fraud impersonating the bank's brand or State civil service organizations (Police Public Security...), enticing Customers to operate unsafely, leading to the disclosure of account login information and loss of money unfortunately. Their behavior is usually:

- Send SMS showing the bank's brand name for urgent notification (Customer's account has been locked, Customer is logging in on another device,...), instructing Customer to click on the malicious code link, for the purpose of stealing bank account login information and personal information.

- Pretending to be a banker or a civil servant to call for emergency support, instructing the Customer to make calls or text messages in a strange syntax (actually redirecting calls or changing phone sims) causing customers to Customer lost account information or lost control of phone sim.

To ensure safety in transactions, OceanBank recommends that customers pay special attention to the following:

1. OceanBank has only one official website: https://oceanbank.vn/ and only one Easy OceanBank Mobile application to access e-banking services.

2. OceanBank DOES NOT require Customers to provide personal information via SMS, email, or social networks. The messages with similar requirements are all fake messages with the OceanBank brand name.

Solution to identify real messages sent by OceanBank: Customers forward messages received from OceanBank brandname to the first number 1551 (Vinaphone subscribers) / 9241 (Mobifone subscribers) / 9548 (Viettel subscribers). The system will check and compare the information from the system and return the reply message from the above numbers (note: only look up messages within 7 days).

For other network subscribers, customers absolutely do not click on strange links attached to messages.

OceanBank does NOT provide a loan service through any loan application and is not affiliated with any external financial company in supporting loans. Customers who need to borrow capital need to go directly to branches/transaction offices for implementation.

OceanBank only supports SMS syntaxes, specifically at the link:


Customers absolutely do not make strange text messages or calls according to the instructions of strangers without verifying information.

5. In case Customer discovers that they have accessed the fake link or the account has been stolen, Customer needs to contact Hotline 1800588815 for assistance in locking the account/urgent service (24/7 support). .

6. In case Customer loses Visa OceanBank credit card, please log in Easy OceanBank Mobile app immediately → Select “Manage card” → Select “Lock card”, or contact Hotline 1800588815 to lock the card.

7. In case customers notice signs of fraud in messages showing OceanBank brand name, fake links or calls, please notify Hotline 24/7: 1800588815 or phone numbers of branches/transaction offices, email: support@ oceanbank.vn for OceanBank to take timely measures.

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