Launching Easy Premium service package – fast registration, super transaction!

From September 5, 2022, OceanBank has added an Easy Premium service package to provide maximum transaction limit for customers (under VND 500 million/transaction and under VND 1.5 billion/day), especially not requirements and conditions applied. Detail information as follow:

Easy OceanBank Mobile service package

Transaction limit


(VAT not included)

Conditions apply

 Easy Advance package

VND 200 million/transaction

VND 600 million/day

VND 8.000/month

No conditions apply.

Easy Super Advance package

Under VND 500 million /transaction

Under VND 1.5 billion/day

VND 8.000/month

Customers only need to meet 1 of the following conditions:

• Have a total deposit balance in VND (including savings and term deposits) of at least VND 100 million with a term of 6 months or more.

• Having a credit relationship at OceanBank, the total disbursed amount is from VND 300 million.

• Having a Visa Credit card of OceanBank, having incurred card spending of VND 10 million/statement or more in the last 3 consecutive statement periods.

Easy Premium package

Under VND 500 million /transaction

Under VND 1.5 billion/day

VND 18.000/month

No conditions apply.

Note: If you successfully open an EKYC account, you will be registered for the Easy Advance service package by default. If you need to use another Easy OceanBank Mobile service package, please go to OceanBank branches/transaction offices nationwide for assistance.

For more information, please contact 24/7 Customer Care Center: 1800588815 (free calls) or visit OceanBank branches/transaction offices nationwide.

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