OceanBank continues to offer free ATM Chip card

Customers of OceanBank issuing chip domestic debit cards (ATM) from September 9, 2022 to October 25, 2022 will take the following incentives:





Customers issue ATM Chip cards for the first time

Free card issuance


Customers using ATM cards (valid) and need to convert to ATM Chip cards

Free card issuance


Customers who have used OceanBank's ATM card that expired from March 31, 2021 to July 4, 2022, and have a need to issue a new ATM Chip card.

Free card issuance

Free annual fee for the first year

Note: Offer is applicable once per customer.

Please go to branches/transaction offices to issue ATM chip cards and experience benefits of this convenient card:

- Contactless technology - contactless payment - no need to enter PIN

- Enhance security

- High transaction limit

In addition, customers can also receive incentives from OceanBank and its partners when using cards for payment (Card incentives informations HERE).

With continuous efforts to develop products and services, OceanBank hopes to bring interesting experiences to customers when using OceanBank ATM Chip card.

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