Mr. Tran Trung Dung, OceanBank’s Vice CEO is appointed to be CEO

On November 14th 2022, OceanBank  held a conference to announce the decision of State Bank of Vietnam for the appointment of management personnel.

On behalf of State Bank of Vietnam, Mr. Pham Huyen Anh, Deputy Chief Inspector of the Inspection and Supervision Agency of the SBV attended, announced and handed over the appointment decision to Mr. Tran Trung Dung.

Attending the conference were Mrs. Nguyen Hong Van – Director of the Finance and Accounting Department of the SBV; Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan - Deputy Director - Department of Personnel Organization; Mr. Nguyen Thanh Kien – Deputy of Personnel and Organization Department, Mr. Pham Nhu Anh – Member of the Board of Management of MB, Leader of Project S600; Mr. Ngo Anh Tuan – Chairman of OceanBank; members of Member Council and OceanBank’s  managers.

 According to Decision Number 1939/QĐ-NHNN signed by Governor of SBV, Mr. Tran Trung Dung,  Vice CEO is appointed to be CEO of OceanBank and member of Member Council

 Speaking at the conference, Mr. Pham Huyen Anh, Deputy Chief Inspector of the Inspection and Supervision Department of SBV affirmed that the decision to appoint Mr. Tran Trung Dung was marking a completion of HR structure in OceanBank system. Accordingly, Mr. Pham Huyen Anh stated that all the management and staff of OceanBank would be determined and united to fulfill the tasks assigned by the Governor of SBV in the coming time, as well as business tasks orientation.

At the conference, Mr. Tran Trung Dung - new CEO of OceanBank shared his feelings during 8 years of hard working and dedication at OceanBank with the BOM. He expressed to continue to fulfill his tasks not only for business, but also for staffs’ benefit.

Mr. Ngo Anh Tuan - new Chairman of the Board of Directors shared about OceanBank's positive performance compared with 2021 such as total assets, credit balance, mobilized capital, bad debt settlement... He stated that, this year, OceanBank’s management and staffs will strive to achieve business targets, and at the same time maintain the core orientation of OceanBank: Liquidity stability; handle bad debts; improve quality of business operations and speed-up restructuring process.

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