Signing ceremony of cooperate agreement on cross-selling products between OceanBank and MIC

In December, OceanBank officially signed a cooperation agreement with Military Insurance Corporation (MIC) - marking an important milestone in the comprehensive cooperation plan between OceanBank and MB. ,

On December 15, the signing ceremony of cooperation agreement between OceanBank and MIC took place in Hanoi, OceanBank will be the exclusive provider for non-insurance product of MIC at 101 transaction points to its customers.

Attending the ceremonies were Mr. Pham Nhu Anh – Member of Management Board of MB; Board of Directors of S600 Project; Mr. Dinh Nhu Tuynh – Chairman of the Executive Committee, MIC Vice CEO; Mr. Nguyen Quang Vinh – MIC Vice CEO; Mr. Ngo Anh Tuan – OceanBank Chairman; Mr. Tran Trung Dung, OceanBank CEO and members of Management Board; leaders of Business Divisions of both OceanBank and MIC.

Under the cooperation agreement, OceanBank and MIC will implement an insurance cooperation program, strengthen cross-selling, and introduce customers to the partner's products and services.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Tran Trung Dung, CEO of OceanBank affirmed that the cooperation signed between OceanBank and MIC is a evidence to the deeper and closer cooperation between OceanBank and MB ecosystem. With a wide network, rich customer database and dedicated service, OceanBank will certainly accompany MIC in the process of developing banking and insurance products. As soon as the agreement is validity, OceanBank will coordinate with MIC to conduct communication, promotion activities and sales promotion programs.

Mr. Dinh Nhu Tuynh - Chairman of the Executive Committee, MIC Vice CEO figured that the cooperation agreement between the two companies played a very important role in the process of expanding MIC's business activities and distribution channels. With MIC's diverse portfolio of products from specific to familiar, along with the enthusiasm and dedication of OceanBank's sales team, the combination of the two companies will definitely bring customers more opportunities to access the most comprehensive insurance products.

Also in October, OceanBank has signed a cooperation agreement with MBAL Life Insurance Company, OceanBank was the distributor of MBAL life insurance products. This cooperation agreement with MIC was even more evidence of OceanBank's long-term and sustainable cooperation relationship with MB ecosystem, each side will take their advantage to bring benefits to customers in particular and the market in general

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