Transaction Safety, Risk Prevention when Using OceanBank Visa Cards

Recently, there has been an increasing trend of criminals stealing Visa card information from customers to commit fraud in transactions and payments. Therefore, securing personal information plays a crucial and urgent role. To counter this situation, OceanBank recommends customers to implement the following measures to ensure the safety of transactions and payments using Visa cards:

- Absolutely secure card information, do not provide card information (entire card number, the 3-digit security code (CVV2), expiration date, etc.) to others to avoid the possibility of fraudsters impersonating bank staff. The bank does not require customers to provide the entire card number or CVV2 when working with the bank.

- Avoid card transactions on untrustworthy websites and applications to prevent the theft of card information.

- Do not hand over your card to others for making payments at points accepting the card without your supervision to prevent the theft of card information.

- Disable the online payment feature of the Visa card when not necessary directly on the Easy OceanBank Mobile app or Easy Internet Banking; or send a text message with the following syntax to 8149: OB VISA OFF last4digitsofcard (to disable online payments) or OB VISA ON last4digitsofcard (to enable online payments).

- In case you lose your card or suspect your card information has been compromised, immediately lock the card on the Easy OceanBank Mobile app or contact the OceanBank Hotline at 1800 58 88 15 (free of charge), and also visit the nearest OceanBank Branch/Transaction office to request a new card issuance.

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