Save Costs, Travel Easily with Taxi Booking on Easy OceanBank Mobile

The Lunar New Year 2024 is fast approaching. This is also a time when the need for travel increases, leading to concerns about costs and traffic congestion. To make the festive season more complete and economical, customers simply need to book a Taxi on the Easy OceanBank Mobile app and enter the following codes to enjoy the discounts:

Special Offers for New Customers:

-          CHAOXUAN2024: Get an instant 50% discount (up to 50K) per trip. Applicable up to 03 times per customer.

-          After 03 trips (within 30 days), receive the VUIXUAN code offering a 50% discount (up to 50K) for the next 02 trips. Applicable up to 02 times per customer within 30 days. 

Offers for All Customers:

LIXI40K: Get a 20% discount per trip, up to 40K. Applicable up to 05 times per customer.

Book your Taxi now to enjoy these offers, and don’t forget to share this useful information with those around you.

For the terms and conditions of the program: Click here.

For any inquiries about the promotion, customers can contact *6789."

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