Car loans for individual customers


Car loans for individuals who are in demand for new cars.


•  Customers may use his/her own cars or real estates as security for the loan

•   Preferential interest rate and fees shall be given to customers purchasing cars at Showroom, car manufacturers, car dealers that have a cooperation contract signed with OceanBank

•  Disbursements by direct bank transfer to the account of the car distribution unit


•  Objects: Individuals age range from 20-55 (for women) and 22-60 (for men) having KT3/ Temporary Residence Certificate where OceanBank locate

•  Guaranteed assets and loan limit are flexible and diverse

•  Loan term is up to 60 months

Procedure &

•  Application for Loan: form of the Bank

•  Identity Card/ Passport

•  Family Register, KT3/ Temporary Residence Certificate

•  Labor contract/ decision on salary amount/ statement of payroll within 3 months (certified by Organisation/Banks)

•  Bills of electricity/ water/ telephone/ internet/ TV cable

•  Documents evidencing customer's marital status

•  In case of mortgaging by his/ her own car, documents related to car purchase are required

•  In case of mortgaging by real estate, documents related to mortgaged real estate are required

•  Documents evidencing his/ her income


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