Outward remittance via Western Union Service


OceanBank offers fast, convenient and safe outward remittance services through Western Union.


  • Receiving the money in a couple of minutes after it is sent***.
  • Safety with a 10-digit remittance code.
  • No fee applies to the receiver.
  • Simple payment procedures.
  • Convenient due to an intensive network of OceanBank nationwide and over 525,000 transaction points of Western Union in more than 200 countries and territories.
  • Supporting individual customers with service 24/7 on hotline 1800-588-815 (toll free)


  • No need to open account.
  • For outward remittance cash in USD or buying USD from Oceanbank are acceptable.
  • Individuals sending money outward to individuals for legitimate purposes: overseas study, overseas medical treatment for yourself or your family members, subsidy for your family members living abroad, overseas heredity, overseas business trips, immigration, overseas fees and charges.

Procedure &

Conditions of Use:
     -  Vietnamese individuals: for legitimate purposes in compliance with current regulations on foreign exchange of the State Bank of Vietnam.
     -  Foreign individuals, resident or non-resident in Vietnam: in compliance with current regulations on foreign exchange of the SBV.
Visits the nearest OceanBank branch/transaction points outlet.
Present the document evidencing the money transfer purpose as prescribed by the State Bank of Vietnam on foreign exchange management.
Fill in the required form. Note: stating clearly the full name of the Money pickup person exactly as shown on their valid personal identity documents.
Inform the receiver of the money transfer code MTCN to receive the money.


For more detail information about the product, please contact us at :

Branches/Transaction Offices

Call Center: 1800 58 88 15