Cheque services for individual customers


Check services are the one in which OceanBank provides blank cheque, domestic cheque payment/ collection services to customers in demand in accordance with regulations of the State Bank of Vietnam.


•  Simple procedures, easy to implement

•  Quick processing time

•  Competitive fees


a. Domestic cheque supply

Object: customers have payment demand without using or withdrawing cash;

The beneficiaries may present cheque at any transaction points of OceanBank to be paid or at transaction points of other credit institutions for collection (if such credit institutions provide cheque collection services);

Entitled to use plus services provided by OceanBank: cheque collection, certified cheque

Customers may select to:

•  Use Cheque to pay to the beneficiaries’ accounts;

•  Use Cheque to withdraw cash from the beneficiaries’ accounts or pay to the beneficiaries in cash, etc.

•  Draw cheque in VND or foreign currencies (in accordance with the prevailing laws).

b. Domestic cheque payment

Object: Customers who have payment demand for goods and services or other payment demand in cheque

Customers may:

•  Present at the counter: Customers can present their cheque for payment at any transaction points of OceanBank nationwide.

•  Present for payment in registered mail via public postal network. The time of presenting cheque for payment shall be calculated by the date on the post office’s seal.

OceanBank will track customers’ cheque used, cancelled or lost/ stolen on the entire system in order to reduce risks in payment for users.

c. Domestic chedue collection

OceanBank provides collection service for cheque issued by other payment service providers. The amount of cheque shall be credited to customers right upon payment of the issuers.

Object: Individuals who are paid for goods and services in cheque.

Customers can present cheque for collection at any transaction points of OceanBank nationwide.

OceanBank will actively contact with payment organizations to keep customers updated on the cheque state in the shortest time.

Procedure &

•  Customers present cheque, make cheque payment statement, request for cheque collection (forms of OceanBank);

•  Valid ID Card/ Passport for Vietnamese citizens; or Valid Passport and Visa in Vietnam for foreigners.


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