Payment account


OceanBank offers a payment deposit account service – a professional payment and cash management tool to every customer on modern e-banking. Open an account at OceanBank to enjoy to outstanding utilities.


•  Sending, withdrawing cash, transferring quickly at any POS, ATMs of OceanBank nationwide;

•  Converting into savings anytime at request;

•  Receiving monthly salary;

•  Automatically transferring money for periodical payments;

•   Free from issuing a debit card on the payment account;

•  Inquiring balance and transactions immediately on the account by e-banking services: Internet Banking, SMS Banking;

•  Using e-banking services;

Utilities are added by OceanBank from time to time 


Objects: Individual customers 

•  Using money in the payment account flexibly: withdrawing, paying and transferring, etc.

•  Effective financial source: Money in the account is continuously profitable

•  Using value-added services on the account

•  Issuing domestic and international debit cards

•  Issuing cheque;

•  Paying bills of electricity, water, telecommunication, cable TV or tuitions, etc.

•  Using modern e-banking services: Internet Banking, SMS Banking

•  Overdraft on personal account

Using utilities of e-banking services 

Procedure &

Method of account opening

1.  Opening account at the counter

•  In order to open a payment account at OceanBank, customers only need to present their valid ID cards/ passports.

OceanBank’s staff shall instruct customers to compete account-opening procedures.

2.  Opening account on electronic transaction channel New

Conditions: Online account opening service is offered to all individual customers who have no account for payment deposit at OceanBank and have mobile subscription registered to mobile network in Vietnam. Customers can send a message on registration of account opening anywhere and anytime.

a. Opening account via message 

Compose a message with the following syntax and send to 8149 (VND 1,000/ message):

OJB [Space] MTK/Motaikhoan [Space] Full name [Space] ID Card No. [Space] Province name [Space]  4 last numbers selected by customers

In which:

* MTK or motaikhoan: Account opening

* Full name: Full name of customers, Vietnamese without marks, maximum of 35 characters

*  ID Card No.: ID Card No. of customers, stating full numbers without space

* Province name: Name of the province/ city in which customers want to open accounts, write in Vietnamese without marks and space, maximum of 35 characters

* 4 last numbers selected by customers: 4 last numbers of the accounts to be registered by customers (optional), entering full 4 numbers

Example: OJB MTK Nguyen Van A 123456789 Hanoi 6868

b.  Opening account via website

For further details of the product, please contact the Branches/ Transaction Offices of OceanBank nationwide or make a phone call to Call Center 1800 5888 15 or visit our website:


For more detail information about the product, please contact us at :

Branches/Transaction Offices

Call Center: 1800 58 88 15

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