ATM card management feature on Easy OceanBank Mobile application

In its continuous effort to enhance service quality and customer experience, OceanBank has just upgraded the ATM card management feature on the Easy OceanBank Mobile app.

With ATM card management feature on Easy OceanBank Mobile app, you can perform the following actions:

  • Activate card: This option allows you to activate your ATM card for use.
  • Lock/unlock card: This feature enables you to lock or unlock your ATM card in case of loss or theft.
  • Register/unregister for online payment: You can use this feature to register or unregister your ATM card for online payments.
  • Other utilities: This section provides access to various ATM card-related services, including View general information: This allows you to see details about your ATM card, such as card number, card type, card category, account balance, card issuance date, card expiration date, linked account number, and transaction history.

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For details, please contact 24/7 Customer Care Center: 1800 58 88 15 (free calls) or visit OceanBank branches/transaction offices nationwide.

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